Corinna is a London-based creative director and designer with more than fifteen years of experience working with high profile brands on an international scale.

German-born Corinna has lent her expertise to a range of agencies and corporates serving a broad spectrum of brands on numerous integrated projects throughout her career. Before joining design consultancy Noë & Associates, Corinna was global creative director at Ennismore overseeing their design portfolio of unique hospitality properties and experiences around the world such as the Hoxton hotels and Gleneagles as well as all R&B outlets. Prior to that she was senior art director at Apple’s in-house design team in California where she led the launch of Macbook. Until 2014 she was Design Director at Winkreative where she spend eight years leading projects for clients including BMW, Louis Vuitton and Neue Zürcher Zeitung as well as the launch of Toronto’s new air rail link and TOTO’s Europe launch. Corinna graduated with a Master of Arts from Central Saint Martins in 2006 and initially trained at Neville Brody’s Research Studio, Phaidon Press and
John Brown Media.

Her work is characterised by a strong signature that is firmly editorially driven, partnering closely with strategists, editors, and photographers on assignments. With a particular focus on luxury, fashion and cultural brands, Corinna’s style has mood, simplicity and long lasting elegance.

Louis Vuitton, Apple, Monocle, BMW, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Oscar Properties, Ounas, Begg & Co, TOTO, Union Pearson Express, Gestalten, Avenue Road, Dunhill